Remodeling on a Real Life Budget

Go with Laminate, not Hardwood Flooring – You desperately want a hardwood floor for your new kitchen but the prices are making you cringe. Laminate is one of the most durable and versatile flooring options available today and in many cases it is very hard to tell it is not real hardwood. Apart from its lower price tag, choosing laminate over hardwood should also cut down on installation costs as it is far easier to lay than solid hardwood.

Reface Not Replace – If your kitchen or even bathroom cabinets are in generally good shape and you simply want something that looks more stylish, having your cabinets refaced rather than outright replacing them can save you a fortune.

Choose Fiberglass for the Bathtub – Rather than opting for ceramic tile, consider instead using a one-piece fiberglass unit or three-piece fiberglass wall panels to surround your bathtub. There are some very attractive options available and you will save a lot on installation costs as they can be installed in just a few hours.

Opt for Hollow Core Doors – If your remodel includes new interior doors opting for hollow core doors over solid ones will save money. One note though – hollow core doors are not a good choice for exterior doors as thy lack the security of their heavier counterparts.

Use Pre Finished Trim – If you opt for some of the wide variety of pre-finished trim options that many manufacturers offer, your contractor won’t have to spend time painting or staining it, which will cut labor costs down considerably.